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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Smile Like a Celebrity!

June 19, 2021 9:20 pm
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Not all famous people are born with perfect smiles. In fact, many celebrities achieve a flawless, dazzling smile with cosmetic dentistry. Here are several celebrities who have improved their smile with a cosmetic dental treatment!

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has been a leading man in dozens of blockbuster films. When he first got his start in Hollywood, he had a noticeably misaligned and stained smile. Braces and custom dental veneers have made his grin more uniform and white.

George Clooney

Early in his acting career, George Clooney struggled with chronic teeth grinding. This caused his enamel to prematurely wear down. Thin enamel can result in a smile that is dull and yellow. Clooney improved the color and shape of his smile with veneers. If you grind and clench your teeth at night, let us know so we can fit you with a custom nightguard! This will act as a cushion between your top and bottom teeth to protect your smile and jaw from damage.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff, a singer and actress that starred in the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire, had a chipped tooth from a microphone. She opted for veneers on the front of her teeth to give them a uniform look and color.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Actress Catherine Zeta Jones was teased as a child for her crooked teeth. As a teenager, she had braces to correct her misalignment. Then later in a adulthood she got veneers to achieve her perfect smile.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry in Fayetteville, AR

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for top-selling musicians and movie stars. At Wedington Family Dental, we offer affordable cosmetic dental treatments, including in-office professional teeth whitening, take-home teeth whitening trays, custom veneers, and BOTOX® to reduce wrinkles around your mouth. Contact our office today to schedule your cosmetic consultation!

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