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Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

December 21, 2022 6:38 pm
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The safety of X-rays has long been debated, and it’s natural to feel concerned about the amount of radiation you could be exposed to. However, dental X-rays are considered to be safe.

Dental professionals use X-rays as a diagnostic procedure to survey your teeth for issues that are impossible to detect with a naked eye. Through X-rays, they can find places of decay whether it’s under a filling or between teeth. They can also analyze bone loss and confirm tumors, gum disease, bacterial infections, and other potentially serious conditions that could go undiagnosed without X-ray imaging.

Exposure to Radiation

The reality is that X-rays do expose you to radiation. However, when performed properly, dental X-rays give off very light levels. Some studies have shown that the amount of radiation from standard dental X-rays is similar to the amount of radiation you would get from the sun in a typical day! Your dentist will also use a lead apron to prevent radiation from reaching other parts of your body, so the X-rays are limited to mostly the mouth area. Furthermore, X-rays are not a frequent obligation and are typically taken once or twice a year or as needed.

While getting dental X-rays isn’t a high-risk procedure, patients can take additional steps to limit radiation exposure by talking with their dentist about limiting the number of images and using the lowest radiation setting. Nowadays, there are forms of digital X-rays that’s said to emit significantly less radiation than other imaging sources.

Preventive Dentistry at Wedington Family Dental

X-rays offer very valuable information that can help you take preventive action with your oral health. All in all, dental X-rays are considered safe, but if you have further concerns and would like to get more information, please don’t hesitate to reach our team at Wedington Family Dental.

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